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Ce Mois-ci

Cette Semaine




Ce Mois-ci

Cette Semaine




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Symphonies in White

de Beenish Saquib

There are many shades of white. Although in daily life, the color white doesn't hold much significance, but in my life, it has been given immense importance and meaning. Some say that there are over eighty shades...

Excerpts From Save The Basement Plus Other Stories

de Jerry De Munda

What follows are a few excerpts from a larger work covering my time as a volunteer fireman during the 1970s. Also included are some of my other misadventures through the years.

InspiredBy: Manila Part 1

de Wheldon Curzon-Hobson

Inspirational stories about Wheldon Curzon-Hobson's visit to Manila and the community leaders and social enterprises he met who are transforming communities in the slums, encouraging innovative thinking in education,...

Writings @ Ankur Mutreja

de Ankur Mutreja

This book presents my views on various issues ranging from contemporary events to personal philosophy. This book is, in fact, a consolidation of my views concretized on my blogs over years – which can be accessed...



How My Brain Ended Up Inside This Box

de Tom Lichtenberg

When I was born I was so small I was mistaken for a french fry. I was never an ordinary child. My best friend was a seagull. I was also illegal. Artificially intelligent people like me had been banned ever since...

Crossing the Mirage - Passing through Youth

de BS Murthy

If passing through youth was like crossing the mirage of life for Chandra and Nithya, it proved to be chasing the mirage of love for Sathya and Prema though for plain Vasavi, Chandra's pitiable sibling, it was...

Rancid Tales

de Den Warren

You can't live without food, but you can live without this book. . .but why should you? These are my true-life tales of woe from my many years in the Food Processing Industry. Marvel at such accounts as: Misfortune...

Charles Doyle and The Curious Case of The Blue Dog -Part 1