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Ce Mois-ci

Cette Semaine




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Plus d'options

Action Comics #21

de Roy Flinchum

Action Comics: Wendigo, Part 1 (of 2)

Weird Western Quarterly #7

de Susan Hillwig

Bat Lash: In for a Penny, In for a Pounding

In My Neighborhood

de Rev. John Sleestaxx

A glorious romp and recollection of events that occur "in my neighborhood". If I had famous rock stars living all "in my neighborhood". All events are purely fictional and not a true recollection in the real...



Detective Comics #21

de Brian Burchette

Detective Comics: First Impressions Bruce Wayne meets Tim Drake! James Gordon meets Renee Montoya! And just wait until you see who Two-Face meets...


de lloyd ramsay

There is no such place as 3mer1ka and all characters are fictional. Any likeness, reference or name is purely coincidental. Buy nothing.



The Question Quarterly #1

de Charles Wilkins

The Question Quarterly: The Death of Vic Sage, Part 1. Vic Sage is a unique entity in Hub City... A famous journalist who tells the truth in a city of lies and deceit, who becomes an enemy of every criminal...

Detective Comics #18

de Brian Burchette

Detective Comics: The Two Faces of Harvey Dent, Part 2 (of 2).

Nightwing #5

de Ellen Fleischer

Nightwing: The Great Unknown, Part 5 (of 7): Little Acorns. What exactly is "Project Venom"? Dick's off to California to find out. And with Loma Linda only two hours away from Las Vegas, this might be the perfect...

Nightwing #28

de Ellen Fleischer

Nightwing: Twisted Logic, Bleeding Hearts. There's a serial killer on the loose, and Batman won't rest until he's brought to justice. But will his determination prove his undoing?

Secret Santa

de Barbara Leahy

Another great little Christmassy tale from our Christmas Short Story Advent. Enjoy x



Teen Titans #23

de Jay McIntyre

Teen Titans: Not of This Earth, Part One. Dagon returns to Titans Tower just in time to confront an alien consciousness. Starfire finds it familiar but doesn't know why; Cyborg is haunted by it, and Dagon himself...

Action Comics #15

de Charles Wilkins & MischiefDragon

Action Comics: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Nightwing #31

de Don Walsh

Nightwing: Riddle of the Sphinx, Part 2 (of 2) Dick must try to get to the bottom of the crazed King Tut and foil his rampages, but he also needs to figure out how to deal with the new Nightwing! As he digs...

Nightwing #21

de Batkid

Nightwing: Kiss in the Night. They're back! Night-Thief and Nocturna are back in action after breaking out of prison, with Nightwing hot on their trail. But Dick had better watch his back--Night-Thief has a...

DC2 Special #4: DC2 Holiday Special

de various

DC2 Special #4: DC2 Holiday Special. Spend some time with the both writers and artists of the DC2 & DC3 as they celebrate Christmas with several heartwarming tales... and one tale starring Ambush Bug. If this...


de Robyn Coole

A young high school student finds herself in a very strange parallel world. Her dreams have gotten the better of her and taken over. If she could just set down her anger she would resolve the problem so easily....



Zombie Mafia of Tavros

de Tara Loughead

The best gunwoman in the Solar System comes looking for Ghaavn, to settle an old slight. The only man with a chance to beat her is another of Ghaavn’s enemies. The only problem is that he is also dead! A series...

Wonder Woman #4

de David Charlton

Wonder Woman: The Eye of the Storm. The true enemy is at last revealed, and the gods of Olympus discover there is a traitor among them! Meanwhile, the war on Paradise Island comes to a turning point as mysterious...

Time Has Come

de Peter J. Gustin

“Fight Club” meets “The Da Vinci Code” as religion zealots form the backdrop of this mystery/thriller. A man who may or may not be the Son of God returns to Earth and decides that it’s just about time...



Nightwing #15

de Batkid

Nightwing: Hopelessly Devoted to You