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Ce Mois-ci

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Rohan's Short Collection

de Rohan Paxton

This is a set of small articles and poems that you can enjoy in your spare time. From school life to health matters, a pet that died, a trip to a theme park and about family and friends and a lot more is compiled...

New Outsiders #13

de Brian Burchette

New Outsiders: Forsaking All Others. You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Oliver Jonas Queen to Dinah Laurel Lance. But where is Adrian Chase, and why won't he be attending the wedding?

Inuyasha Fan Fics

de Aoikami Sarah

A complication of Inuyasha Fan Fictions writen by Aoikami Sarah. If you like theses you should check out her web site at aksarah.com. I don't own any of these nor will I ever claim to. I just thought they were...



That Girl

de Pat Young

Another wonderful short story brought to you by www.5minutefiction.co.uk



Joyous Travel with the Wrong Suitcase -- Olivia Plymouth Series (Story)

de Hallett German

Olivia Plymouth is a young fashion consultant/entrepreneur that does a lot of international travel. Overconfident but a little lost, she manages to take on her assignments with much enthusiasm and good humor....

The Question #6

de Charles Wilkins

The Question: Knocking on Heaven's Door. Blind, defenseless, lost in the bowels of hell and at the mercy of a master of torture. The Question meets Dr Moon... And witness the return of four characters you'd...

Teen Titans #36

de Jay McIntyre

Teen Titans: Mission to Zandia, Part Three (of Three). The situation in Zandia comes to a head but the Titans aren't fully aware of what's going on...

Teen Titans #38

de Jay McIntyre

Teen Titans: The White Rose, Part Two (of Five). Rose has had some small amount of time to settle in as a team member. But now comes the first real test, as the Titans face the return of....the Mad Mod?!? And...

The White Knight

de Lois Ryan

Fear filled the young woman’s heart. She ran through the woods. Something was chasing after her. Because the fog was too thick, she could not see what this thing was. She continued to run and collided with...



The Indirect Approach

de shelby

Sometimes the direct approach doesn't work, therefore you must try . . . Written by Rorschach's Blot on Fanfiction.net



Ginja Ninja

de Mendel Singer

Incredible jugs and juggling skills



Down in the Sewer

de John Ellis

Pat leads a life of quiet obscurity as an attendant at a notorious public toilet where the majority of the clientele are involved in either drug deals or cottaging. The only light in his otherwise solitary existence...

The American Experiment: How Has She Done?

de Marvin McKenzie

A sermon preached July 1, 2012. One man's observations concerning the success of the United States and what is her greatest need today.

Steve the Hufflepuff Death Eater

de shelby

Aka The Power the Dark Lord never saw coming. This is my final battle fic. Harry doesnt really care about Voldemort anymore, Voldemort has to deal with incompetant followers, and we all learn the truth about...



How To Coronate Your King

de Marvin McKenzie

The coronation of King Solomon and some lessons drawn from it.



One Enchanted Evening

de Mendel Singer

There are more things in Heaven and Hell...

Smart Phone

de Orlando W Robson

Another great new short story by Orlando W Robson. Brought to you by WWW.5minutefiction.co.uk Enjoy x



Vampire Music (Free Edition Without The Soundtrack)

de Ma Morse Hannah Sherbourne

The world rebuilds from the black typhus outbreak of 2020, which nearly ends the human race. A genetic discovery during mandatory government testing forces the parents of Lilly Rose to choose between training...



My pen, pages and poems



The Pan-African Manifesto: A Guide to the Political, Social and Economic Integration of Africa

de Job Kasambyo Ben, LVM

'A United States of Africa Bible gives the history of Africa, analyses the contemporal political, social and economic conditions propagating and challenging the dream and pursuit of the political, social and...